Revealed...Accessible ´╗┐´╗┐Mindfulness Technique for those who Cannot Meditate (secret: start from the body!)

Ling Acott



With Ling Acott

"Join this course that will change the way you practise meditation..."

Own time, own place. Receive access to three guided Body Sensing meditations.

What You'll Learn in this Training:

  1. Discover the truth about your mind-body disconnect and the importance of bringing attention back to the body and anchoring your mind in your body with a Body Sensing technique.
  2. Learn how to be present and open to the full spectrum of sensations that may arise in your mind-body, cultivating self-acceptance and embracing the wholeness of your experience.
  3. Receive 3 powerful Body Sensing practices that do not require you to keep focusing on the breath and that you can implement for immediate results - calmness, mental lucidity and a sense of being grounded instead of restless in your mind-body. 

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