Radical Recentering Yoga and Transformative Retreat in Marrakesh and at the Kasbah du Toubkal, High Atlas mountains of Morocco

6-Day Refining Your Practice Mind-Body Retreat 23-28 November 2017, Morocco

You love adventure and conscious travel and you're ready to refine your yoga practice to serve yourself and others.

Then join Ling Acott on this soul-stirring retreat to Morocco, with discovery days in Marrakesh - one of the top must-visit places in 2017 - followed by the calm and solitude of the High Atlas at Morocco's premier mountain retreat, including 30 hours of training on yoga alignment, breath, meditation and nature healing.

Get ready to feel more alive again, when you attune to nature's rhythms, unlock the full potential of the mind-body through  training in yoga and awareness practices, apply knowledge in personalizing yoga postures to your unique body and to assist others with confidence, ….returning home with a lucid mind, complete inner-to-outer alignment, and a pathway to live your truth daily.

Radical Recentering Yoga and Transformative Retreat Morocco

Why Morocco?

Marrakesh retreat shopping

Morocco is a magical place of of cultural confluence with a strong collective identification with the heritage of the Berbers - north African nomadic tribes - who call themselves 'Amazigh' (free person). A rich kaleidoscope of city markets, villages, the Atlantic coast, the endless Sahara and the majesty of the tallest mountain in North Africa awaits. This is the ideal location to take you out of auto-pilot to work on personal development. 

One evening, you stay transfixed as the master storyteller finishes his delivery of a parable, the simple, time-honored morals of the tale singing to you, as you slowly walk through the medieval alleys of Marrakesh. New York Times calls it the 11th must-visit place for 2017. Another evening, the haunting gnawa music beats in your heart long after you've left the main square.

You don’t need a map, you feel like you know it so well already; You are home. 

You remember how easy it is to feel rejuvenated, alive and awakened to your larger purpose.

Landscape Marrakesh


2 Nights Marrakesh, 3 Nights High Atlas 

30 hours of training in yoga, breath and guided meditation in the mornings and evenings, and guided walks and nature healing in the afternoons.

+ Lots of unstructured free time in the day for rest and exploration.

  • 2-night stay in exclusive riads (garden residences) in the heart of Marrakesh
  • Mindful calligraphy workshop with local expert 
  • Welcome dinner with Moroccan Master Story-teller
  • Sensory stroll in the exquisite Jardin Majorelle, the 'Yves Saint Laurent' garden.
  • Market shopping for argan oil, babouches (slippers), spices, lamps, Berber cushions...
Kasbah du Toubkal
  • 3-night stay in the chic Kasbah du Toubkal - one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World - and Morocco's premier mountain retreat set against the stunning backdrop of the tallest mountain in North Africa.
  • Immerse in Berber culture as you explore the valleys and ridges of the High Atlas with knowledgeable local guides, taking in magnificent views and sipping tea in remote villages.
  • Meditate on starry skies.
  • Luxury hammam (steam bath) rituals.

Yes! Sounds like my trip!

Is this for me?

Absolutely...! If you are looking for/to:

    • unique retreat destination and experience with an exposure to the people, art and culture of the region
    • a healthy daily routine, moving with nature's rhythms and feeding your mind, body and soul with divine nourishment
    • know your body and mind intimately and personalize your yoga, breath, and meditation for your body and being 
    • learn about common limitations observed in yoga poses and how to modify and practise with safe alignment.
    • overcome obstacles that have been holding you back for a while, and to embrace your creativity and power to serve and lead
    • independence when you travel, with lots of unstructured time to indulge in self-care, reading, reflection or solo discoveries
    • share and hold space with an inspiring group of like-minded souls and stoke your fire of self-motivation for personal development and growth
    • support community development through conscious travel

Join other retreat participants who find this experience and community AMAZING...



Yoga Retreat

What to Expect


Refining Your Practice 30-Hour Program

Every element of the program is optional unless you wish to log the hours for yoga teaching continuing education. Some days, you may just wish to read, go off and explore on your own, or just nap!

The program is formulated to work on the mind through the body, and the body through the mind, to make the unconscious conscious. Using principles, techniques and practices from kinesiology, yoga, meditation and nature healing, you will come away with a keener awareness of your body and mind, with a choice to continue with habitual ways that no longer serve you, or to move into greater flow, embrace your wholeness and find true inner-to-outer alignment.

How it Works on the Mind-Body

1.5-hour yoga labs on 3 mornings will include practical exploration of the mechanics of motion in three critical areas - the hips, spine and shoulders - and common challenges and safe alignment to look out for in select yoga poses. This is practical and educational without overloading you while on retreat. You will further embody the learning through daily yoga sessions in the evenings.

In the Atlas mountains, we will have 2-hour group walks each day and wondrous nature healing explorations in an outdoor classroom to restore our relationship with ourselves through a more natural relationship with our environment.

Trekking in fresh air

The outer work will be complemented by inner practices on the mind and the subtle body. Each day will open and close with brief discussions and meditations, with reflection prompts to get you to probe deeper into your own naked truths. You will be guided on a 7-step process to work on your insecurities, find creativity, motivation and compassion in what you do, to arrive in a space of pure awareness and to proceed onto your next endeavors with fearlessness.

True Support

New milestones and transitions are not easy to navigate alone. You're not alone! As with previous retreats, we will hold space for each other for sharing and to draw strength from our powerful community of shared intention to grow together (have you read the testimonials on this page yet?).

Additionally, you get two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Ling, a partnership in accelerating your personal development. At the retreat, we will clarify your personal goals and co-create your personal transformation assignment. This will be the most powerful and lasting souvenir that you will bring home with you from the retreat. Another 1-on-1 follows closely post-retreat.

Some participants choose to work on personalizing a yoga lifestyle program, some others choose to work on challenges of transitioning at work and in relationships. 

1-on-1 Personal Yoga Consultation

You will also get a BONUS 2-month private group coaching membership post-retreat, to reconnect with our community and to keep the momentum of change going!​

Yes! I'm ready for this!

Inspiring Immersion with Ling Acott

Ling Profile Gallery


Ling Acott is a RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Retreats Leader and True Passion Coach.

She passionately believes in the power of collective creative energy. As creator of the Outta Hatha platform, host of Sattva Retreats, and festival presenter, she channels group energy to challenge participants to engage with the best versions of themselves.

Ling sees yoga and life coaching as a potent blend for personal life transformation. She is attentive to each individual as a whole person, helping them let their mind-body reveal their own blockages and strengths, and guiding each to discover their own purposeful direction and their own path to get there.​ 

Coming away on retreat with Ling is an edifying and immersive experience, filled with unique, intimate and life-changing moments.

Silk Route Yoga Warrior Pose
Group yoga in power chair pose

Tony K Chan

...FB reminded me of the wonderful Yoga retreat I attended in 2016. The retreat was led by Ling (Spice Yoga) and I joined other like-minded yogis for a great immersion experience. With some of the attendees either having become Yoga teachers or are on their way (yes, go, go Ange!), I will be following this path next year too! Thanks Ling for your guidance and inspiration!

Tony and Ling

Yes! Sign me up, please!

Trip Details


3 nights at Kasbah du Toubkal, 2 nights at Riad Safa or Riad Maiya in ensuite rooms.

30-hour Refining Your Practice program on yoga, alignment, breath, meditation and nature healing (of which 3 hours are remote pre- and post-retreat work and teleclasses)

5 delectable breakfasts and 3 sumptuous dinners 

1 Welcome dinner with Master traditional story-teller

1-on-1 coaching with Ling

Orientation walk in Marrakesh

Mindful calligraphy workshop

Entrance fee to Jardin Majorelle

Visit and shopping at Berber weekend market and argan oil women's cooperative

Hammam (steam bath) at the Kasbah du Toubkal 

Arrival group transfer from Marrakesh Airport, transfer from Marrakesh to the High Atlas, departure group transfer to Marrakesh Airport (designated times only)

  • Special welcome rituals
  • Surprise curated treats
  • BONUS post-retreat private group coaching 2-month membership and additional 1-on-1 session


Air tickets

Lunches, alcoholic drinks

1 dinner (2nd night in Marrakesh)

Personal, medical and travel insurance (Always recommended. Unexpected events can increase costs significantly.)

Visa fees, if applicable 

Personal expenses (spa treatments, shopping, phone calls, taxis, etc.)

Trip extensions, such as any additional guided hikes in the Toubkal mountains, trips to the Atlantic coast, Sahara, etc. 

Gratuities (porters, chamber-maids, chauffeurs, guides. USD 1- 2 per day is appreciated.)


Arrive in Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK) on 23rd November, 2017. Airport group pick-up is at 4pm. 

Departure group transfers for the group to the airport on 28th November, 2017 will be at 10:00am and 12:00pm.

If you wish to, you may stay on to enjoy the afternoon in the Atlas mountains after check out (12 noon) before transferring to your next destination.

We can assist with separate transfers (these will be at your cost).​

Suggested connections: Iberia, TAP Portugal​ through London/ Paris


First guests to sign up for the Refining Your Practice Mind-Body Retreat 2017 will receive a One-Day Pass to attend the Yoga Journal LIVE New York event to study with master teachers ($295 value for FREE!). *Valid only for bookings made before the Yoga Journal LIVE New York event in April 2017. 

Limited to first 2 guests only! Book early!