1-on-1 Study

Twist assist

1-on-1 study with Ling Acott is for those who wish to work privately to deepen their knowledge base of mindful movement and energetic practices, and to modify their practice to suit their unique body and being. Ling teaches from her unique Slow Deep Flow methodology, which is grounded in:

  • kinesiology
  • the precision of Iyengar
  • the power of ashtanga
  • the energy therapeutics of Medical Qigong
  • mind-centering vipassana and metta mindfulness.

She works on a combination of inner and outer practices, challenging students to find inner alignment with their intention, and from that place, allowing movement to unfold. The slow movements are aimed towards an investigative physical practice that releases flowing energy and challenges you to be with your wild mind.

The curriculum offers a systematic approach to learning for each client. Each session carries a lesson, and will challenge the student to progress in his/her practice. Ling always works with the whole person and considers each person as having "special needs", so the exact study program would evolve with the student. Most importantly, the emphasis is in developing knowledge for the student to be empowered through the program with the skills for a safe and effective independent home practice

1-on-1 prenatal yoga
Singing bowl sound healing

Pre- & Post-natal / Meditation & Restorative Practices / Postural Realignment / Chair & Wall-Supported Practice 

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Image credits: Tesh Patel Photography, Valar Studios