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Ling Acott leads meditation, mindful movement and energetic practices based on yoga, qigong and the GYROTONIC® method. She teaches private clients, public workshops and retreats in New York and internationally. 

Ling rediscovered yoga, meditation and qigong in her early twenties after developing injuries from triathlon and marathon racing. The practices brought her insight and a peaceful power beyond the physical. It also brought her to her vocation, to be a community builder, an advocate, a teacher and guide for mindfulness. 

She is fortunate to be an idealist who has always found outlets through which to channel values she believes in, from collaborating with communities, think-tanks, startups, to public service, including at the United Nations. She is active as a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore, inspiring others to take action on climate change.

Believing that macro transformation starts from changing ourselves at the individual level first, Ling is committed to sharing practices that empower and create lasting personal transformation.

From qigong and gentle yoga sessions at Mount Sinai for survivors of stroke, spinal cord and brain injury, bedside meditation for young ICU patients and their caregivers at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, posture and balance workshops for Wall Street bodies, to yoga teacher trainings, her emphasis is on refining our innate capacity to heal our relationship with ourselves and with others, and stepping into our leadership shoes to be a force for change. 

Climate Reality Leader

When we are in awe of nature, we are reminded that we co-exist with many others within the ecosystem. 

Forest bathing

Ling believes that our common desire is to live interdependently, and to connect with nature and a slower, more organic rhythm of living.

She founded Outta Hatha to bring city folk outdoors to connect with each other and to practice moving meditation under the open skies; she has built a monthly Candlelit Yoga Urban Retreat community in the heart of Manhattan, and she continues to facilitate forest retreats. 

On longer destination retreats, Ling coaches and challenges participants to live a life of synchronicity and flow with their calling

Above all, Ling is happiest when she can volunteer time for causes she cares about. 

Ling has hosted yoga benefits for organizations such as Room to Read, Chogyur Lingpa Foundation, Kula for Karma, and led community classes for Foreign Domestic Workers, Jericho ProjectBarrier Free Living and Covenant House.


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The physical health, calm energy and mental lucidity that comes through this practice is just the opening act;working towards your highest potential is the main act

More about Spice Yoga

Spice Yoga reflects Ling's story and personal interests. She still continues to be inspired by the traditions, arts and rituals around healing plants and spices, especially those of the "Spice Isles" of the Malay Archipelago where she is originally from, and she weaves these into her teachings and offerings. As a physical practice, her Slow Deep Flow mindful movement works on the body like the slow burn of turmeric and ginger.

Ling supports great platforms that bring yoga to the community. She has had the opportunity to lead Spice Yoga retreats in amazing locales, to curate and present at yoga festivals (like Glo-Yoga), design unique yoga sequences for Fitness First Mind-Body Studio and lead open classes for Lululemon and Athleta. 

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