Gomukhasana Yoga Pose Ling Spice Sadhaka

Gratitude to all my clients who have taught me so well…!

Rachel Namaste
Rachel Crescent lunge

Ling is the reason I started practicing yoga. I had tried it previously, but never particularly liked it. I like the spiritual aspect of her classes, which is something I had not experienced in my previous yoga classes. She provides variations for different levels and assists with our alignment and pushes us farther, which many teachers do not do. I’ve tried many other classes and studios but this is my favorite! – Rachel Nishball

Ben Lee yoga

Thank you for introducing yoga to me. It’s really good for my body and mind; the sessions bring out the best in me. – Ben

Great and challenging classes! I always come away from the classes feeling refreshed! Ling is kind, thoughtful and generous. I really enjoyed her classes and I appreciate everything she has done for me. She is one of the reasons I got into yoga, so a BIG thank you! – Kristina Lee

Ling’s classes are absolutely amazing! The practice goes way beyond the physical movement, and the personal attention Ling somehow manages to provide to everyone is superb. She is very in tune with where you are at, and has great rapport with all her followers. The best yoga teacher I have ever experienced! – Steve Cross

I really love Ling’s classes and am really honoured to have practised yoga with her for a year. I always thought yoga wasn’t for me until I tried my first practice with Ling. Ling is very sincere, patient and encouraging. Although I am inflexible, I never felt discouraged; in fact the classes always made me feel at ease and have definitely increased my flexibility over time. I will definitely recommend Ling if you are looking for a guide to learn from and to improve your yoga practice with. – Ember

Thank you for being the amazing teacher and person that you are. – Pollyanna

I wanted to say thank you for leading such a wonderful and enriching yoga practice. When I first moved to this city, I found it hard to find a teacher I connected with, and I was very glad I found you. – Rada

The class is strong but with many deep, calm moments; it kept me focused as the city noise died away. I look forward to the coming back for class again. – Alice Ruecknagel

The practice is lovely, relaxing and zen. Ling kindly gave me pointers for my personal practice too. Ling is good at adapting the session to our sporting activities. She is also good at mixing challenging poses with restorative poses. I learned proper alignment for the plough pose and cow face pose. Ling’s tone is soothing. She is also good at correcting my poses, she can use a finger to make me conscious of my mis-alignment! – Sarah

What I like most is all the work on flexibility and strength! Some of the breathing techniques were good for me too. Personal attention is fantastic, consideration of needs/ injuries is great. – Adam

These are the most beautiful yoga sessions I’ve ever experienced. I will spread the word about your classes. – Belinda

It’s the first time that my girlfriends and I had practised yoga under the moonlight and we definitely had a blast! – Stephanie

My first session was good, and I will be back! – Pearl

I like the good, clear instructions, and the small group size; Ling has time to go around to help us get deeper into the poses. Through the practice sessions, I am able to reach farther in a few yoga poses. – Sapphire

Super encouraging teacher! – Isabel

The sessions are friendly and personal. I like the leg stretches – good for running; balance poses – improves my focus; relaxing outside. I like it when I am assisted to get into deeper stretches, and I especially like the child pose. – Antony

The sessions have been reason to leave the office earlier. I like getting a workout outdoors and the fresh air. When Ling helps me to improve my pose, I realise I can go much farther – love it! There’s a great feeling after the class. She is very positive and makes me smile. The breathing exercises really make the difference, too. – Elena

I am improving my flexibility but also enjoying how relaxed and refreshed I feel. I need to do it more! I’ve learned new poses and breathing technique. I would recommend this to friends.  – Sian

I’m a beginner; not sure I get all the poses right but having alternatives is great. My flexibility is bad and I wish to improve. I also like the sense of relaxation after. The practice sessions have been meeting my expectations. Thank you! I like the feeling of peace and better awareness of my body. Monday evenings need not be grim! – Morris

I’ve never tried yoga before so everything is new, and I like it. I wanted a cross-training for climbing and also needed some relaxation. It’s very good! I would like to work more on relieving stress and working on the mind, and deep stretches rather than on power poses. I don’t like the chair pose! Nevertheless, I am enjoying stretching different muscles to the ones I use in climbing, discovering new ways to stretch, relax and breathe. I love the place and the schedule is very convenient. It puts me in a good state of mind.  Ling is a very patient instructor, taking her time to explain and rectify poses, and very attentive to the students. – Stéphane