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Namaste! I'm Ling Acott, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, True Passion Coach and Retreats Leader.

I discovered yoga as a child, moving gently in the early mornings with my mother; without speaking a word, we shared a bond and held space for each other to breathe. It always set me up in the right mood for the rest of the day. I rediscovered it in my twenties after years pursuing peak performance as a triathlete. I was looking to it to realign my muscle imbalances and to take care of physical pain, but it was also an inflection point for me and completely realigned the way I looked at things. 

I believe it is possible to live the life we dream of. I know it is true from my own experience. My yoga and meditation practice has opened my eyes and heart to follow my calling, quit the security of full-time work in sustainable development, heal from painful relationships, and launch heart-first into yoga and life coaching. I have unplugged myself from a familiar environment and friends and clients I have come to know so well, and intentionally relocated myself half-way across the world to start building up from scratch again and to serve a new community. I feel alive. I am currently New York based and teach internationally. I also enjoy taking regular 'time away from time' to renew my own practice. When you tune into your True Passion, you live a life of synchronicity; everything is in the right place, at the right time.

Ling (Spice Sadhaka)

If you are seeking yoga that aligns you as a whole person, you have come to the right place. I specialize in inner and outer total alignment. The style of yoga is Slow Deep Flow, honed from my personal practice of hatha and insight meditation. It is slow and intuitively aligned to deepen the experience and to release flowing energy, and challenges you to be with your wild mind.

Most importantly, I believe in personalizing the practice to you. My goal when I work with you is to empower you. Students share with me that they find my style refreshing and that they stay motivated as they gain greater clarity of kinesiology and mindfulness by working with me. 

The physical health, calm energy and mental lucidity that comes through this practice is just the opening act; working towards your highest potential is the main act.

For those who are ready to take it further, I offer a unique program of Yoga & True Passion Coaching. We target life goals with a unique formula that supports self-healing, learning and growth through the wisdom of the body and the mind.

If you are ready to invest in accelerating your personal growth, join me on an immersive and adventurous experience on this year's transformative retreat to Morocco!

I hope our paths will cross! 

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Why Spice Yoga?

As a mind practice, Spice Yoga is all about drawing from our innate wisdom to shift from sensory desires to following a life of True Passion. As a physical practice, the Slow Deep Flow yoga movement works on the body like the slow burn of turmeric and ginger, and creates purposeful pauses, which releases the mind-body-soul complex into divine relaxation that uplifts like lemongrass. Spice Yoga reflects my story and personal interests. I still continue to be inspired by the traditions, arts and rituals around healing plants and spices, especially those of the Malay Archipelago where I am originally from, and I weave these into my healing offerings.

I have had the opportunity to lead yoga retreats in amazing locales, to curate and present at yoga festivals (check out Glo-Yoga), design a Moon Salutation flow class for Fitness First studio and lead events for Lululemon. I support great platforms that promote yoga to the community. I founded Outta Hatha Yoga, and love being a Madana Yoga Ambassador and Athleta FitPro.

Above all, I am happiest when I can serve, and when I create platforms that allow others to contribute meaningfully in community development. I've hosted yoga benefits for organisations such as Room to Read, Chogyur Lingpa Foundation, and led community classes at the Foreign Domestic Workers' clubhouse, the Barrier Free Living shelter, and for Kula for Karma.

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