Lessons from Popular Yoga Styles

Just do the wild thing

The constant, mindful practice of yoga helps keep one aware of the power and potential of each moment, and not to waste it. All the classes branded as “Power Yoga” in the gyms should really be about this transformative power, rather than just a strong aerobic training. At any moment, we can choose to be happy, or sad, or to continue in status quo, or completely change the course of things. Yet, so many people waste the present moment, concerned or fearful about the future, or having lingering haunting thoughts from the past, stopping them from blossoming into their full potential. If we live and breathe yoga, we would eventually internalise the transformative power of yoga, learning to effect change where we can, within the window of opportunity of each moment.

Similarly, classes branded as “Vinyasa Flow” should really impart more on flowing through life, from one moment to another. In yoga, nothing is stationary, including one’s flexibility and strength. One can be very flexible this year, and lose all that in a few months once the regular practice is dropped; one can also start off relatively weak, but grow stronger in body and mind, with devotion to practice. There is no beginning and no end; yoga is a way of being; it is a lens through which we can view life as well, as life’s trials never end and changes always come our way. Let’s all flow through life, mindfully.