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Kundalini Rising

Is kundalini for you?Tree Pose at Sunset

Yoga philosophy believes that Man’s essential nature is blissful, and that the ultimate goal of practice is to remove ignorance and attachment to our egos, shedding the belief that happiness can be obtained from external sources. To be happy, we simply have to reconnect with the divine, blissful essence which is within each of us.

What is kundalini? A kundalini class aims to push the practitioner beyond deep-held beliefs and pre-conceived boundaries, to tap more latent potential of the self. The sanskrit term, kundalini, refers to a coiled pit deep at the root chakra. Yoga practice can unleash this latent power. One could look at kundalini yoga as similar to life coaching, where the client is guided to go beyond perceived limitations to attain the limitless.

Kundalini practice can be physically and mentally demanding. High repetitions and long-held poses and breath control send the neurons firing away, the body vibrating with subtle energy, opening access to an expansive, transcendental experience. Deep meditation coupled with sound therapy is also another way to awaken the inner energy fields. Through regular practice, one can tame the fluctuations of the mind and enter into greater consciousness of the self, and perhaps catch a glimpse of that internal, imperishable bliss.

— Spice Sadhaka

Image courtesy: arztsamui/FreeDigitalPhotos